At the worst of times, we can always look forward to coffee. I agree with you. I had a lot of panic over coffee back in March. I can't order my favourite on Amazon.

I love that wonderful sense of well-being it brings and so many memories. Coffee is my only "enhancement" in life and I consume about as much as you per day, so no judgement here. I like the flavour so much, I have decaf on cold afternoons (insomnia).

I've been drinking Cuban coffee for almost a decade now. They don't use pesticides like they do in North America and Cubita sells 1 kg vacuum packs of dark roast. If the supplier ever stopped selling it, I don't know what I'd do with myself, ha ha!

Likewise, when an independent coffee shop closes, it is heartbreaking.

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MA Eng. Mama, Poet, Iconoclast, Word Nerd. Likes shiny things. Writes on Philosophy, Art, Music, Nature.

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