Screenshot from “Internet Archive” of the movie Dracula (1931) on Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Greetings, boils and ghouls. It is that time of year again. I have been counting from 100 days and now there are less than three weeks until the veil between the spirit and material world is lifted.

“Monster Mash” is a classic and accidental hit — as accidental as the…


Jessica Lee McMillan © 2021

Bandaids are my tales
of chaos on playgrounds,
the dermal terrain
of nicks and scratches
donned in battle with objects
I collide, a proverbial Taurus

Defying the boundary of skin
goes back to riding a bike, half naked,
and breaking in shit-kickers ‘cross town
with no plasters to hinge blisters


DJ station with 2 turntables in foreground and blurred figures congregating in background.
Image by Helena for

I had to buy another shelf for my records, folks. And I have been regrouping while focusing on publication efforts off the platform, but I am only ever at an arm’s length. So, here’s a little peek into my mind these days through some rediscovered gems and newer acquisitions in…

Jessica Lee McMillan

Poet, Iconoclast, Word Nerd. Likes shiny things. Writes on Philosophy, Music, Nature.

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